Where I'll Be

by Nurse Manhattan

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These songs were recorded at different points in time with the help of a lot of friends. Thanks to everyone that helped out


released September 23, 2015



all rights reserved


Nurse Manhattan Florida

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Track Name: Yamcha
I will make art with you, documenting everything you do.

Separations, long equations, the things I always hide from in plain view.

And I'll walk alone, on the way home in the fall.

I'll see the way, i'll feel the way that you want.

And all things go, all things go at some point.

I'm on my couch again, I want to make me feel at home.
Track Name: Mall Rat
Face it, you always wanted to feel loved.

Living in Florida, you can sleep in the Everglades.

And i'm pacing around the block by Dereks house.

At the end of the summertime, with my face and your crooked spine.

And i'm laying down.
You're on Bens couch.
Old conversations, I might pass out

I'm inpatient of all the things I said i'd do.
Living at Bens house I can leave all the jobs I hate.

And i'm shaking, around your floor its too hot out again.
At the end of my favorite time, High school wasting time.
Track Name: Wires
And you're listening to frequencies that tumble out my shaky tongue.

A lost boy in a colored bedroom, listening to no one.
I am sitting in a bathroom on a phone call with my angry mom.

And you just cant stare, with wires hanging everywhere.

In a backpack I will leave a note to sell all of my older things.

Or give them to a thrift shop, that holds a past of germs that tumble down into a jacket pocket, no one thinks to wash it there.
That stupid old jean jacket pocket, no one thinks to wash it there.

Cause you see everything.
You know everything.

And I am always laying on your floorboards, waking you up.
I'm always in your bedroom, shaking in love.

And i'm always on your floorboards, waking you up.
Shaking in love.
Track Name: That's Not Troubleshooting, Man!
You think i'm nervous, That's cause I am sometimes.
And I think you're lonely, and I have four tired eyes.
and I want to text you while i'm sitting out outside.
But i'm too drunk to, too drunk to say goodbye.

You think i'm stupid, that's cause I am sometimes.
And my teeth are useless, if I have no room to bite.
You said "I wanna kill you", and I always wondered why
But I guess I feel you man, I'd wanna kill me too sometimes.
Track Name: Where You'll Be
Three years gone, and I know where you'll be.
Track Name: Window Friends
I'm awake and you are not home, why am I here?

I'm awake and i'm alone I just need to see if you're even here.

Let me go through your house.

I wonder if things ever go my way, I'll be sleeping on your couch.

And all the things I know, I won't see anymore.
Track Name: Sleeping Through my Alarm
And I want to confess, that I haven't realized things yet.

Where'd I learn to forget? Responsibilities, people i've met I don't see anymore.

And if I swam in the sea, the teeth i've drawn on mean much more to me.

And I love waking up, before the sun does.

And I had so much to say.
But my phone died, I got too carried away.
All the drums in the backs of my seat, fell apart 'cause i'm too lazy to take them home.

And i'm wondering if you're feeling alone.